Our Story

Madame Blue is a brand organically developed in Delft, since it lies in the long tradition of the famous handpainted Delft pottery, also known as Delftware. In our shop on the big square in Delft, still today, one can watch the decoration of hand painted pieces of ceramics that are sold to people from all over the world.
Since April 2015, Madame Blue opened a new store on the beautiful Prinsengracht 176, where they sell a huge collection of Dutch jewelry, as well as handpainted old and new Delftware, antique tiles, but also beautiful (dutch themed) scarves and leatherwear.

The Madame Blue line contains different necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and the pieces on the web shop represent only a small part of the collection. If there is any piece you have in mind, but cannot find on the site, please contact us so we can design it according to your wishes.